VLSI - Design

VLSI-RTL Design & IP development

Caliber has wide experience in delivering services to semiconductor industry in Design and Verification. Our product development strategies are highly incorporated design which meets industrial demands and our services from software development, FPGA & ASIC design, SoC – OVM/UVM based verification to end silicon implementation.Our skill set with Networking, Image Signal Processing (ISP), Wireless Protocols and Security Algorithms and Processor with a powerful center of attention on serving the precise requirements of the customers with high excellence in design and verification on time deliverable with lower engineering cost.

·         We are Expertise in HDL's such as VHDL and Verilog RTL development and Verification language such as e and SystemVerilog languages and expertise in the OVM/UVM methodology.

·         Good exposure on the Full chip verification and ATPG validation

·         Our engineers are hands on experience on the  EDA tools such as Mentor, Altera, Xilinx, Cadence and Synopsys tools

VLSI Services

·         C/Matlab based Modeling

·         VHDL/Verilog - RTL Development

·         SystemVerilog – OVM/VMM based Verification

·         Software/Firmware driver development

·         FPGA Prototyping& Validation

·         FPGA Emulation

·         ASIC Synthesis

·         ASIC GDSII – Netlist generation

·         ASIC Emulation& Validation

·         Full chip Throughput and Latency measurement

·         FPGA/ASIC Validation


IP Development:

Caliber has established its reputation as a proven IP development center with advanced technologies.  We offer a complete end to end solutionin IP development services to our Customer. Caliber has been working in various target domain areas over the years based on specific market needs in development of IP’s in Networking, Data Communications, Interconnect, Microcontrollers, Graphics, DSP and Wireless eNodeB.

Intellectual Property(IP) Core Development

  • IP Design & Customization Services
  • IP Integration and Validation Services


Verification&VIP Development



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