Mechanical Design

We are new age Solution provider with a growing presence across diverse industries. Our capabilities as a virtual technologies solution provider stems from our combined expertise in CAD CAM and CAE solutions and our in-depth insights into the complex demands of the product engineering.

At Caliber we understand the critical role technology plays in our work. Our system and application programmes are latest in the industry and are consistently upgraded to match evolving customer needs.

We bring to our area of expertise the best infrastructure state of the art facilities and a talent pool that comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals.


Computer Aided Design

CAD model are generated from the existing 2D drawings. 3D modeling assignments for various components of automotive parts, engines, pumps, motors, turbines, heavy engineering equipment, earth moving equipment and consumer durable items.

We cater to a wide range of product design and development activities including:

  • Concept design
  • Systems and subsytem design
  • Re-engineering and reverse engineering
  • CAD modeling, detailing and assembly
  • Digital mock ups
  • Data migration
  • Packing solutions


Crash Analysis

  • Dynamic side impact
  • Bumper impact
  • Fuel tank system
  • Bumper strength
  • Head restraints
  • Seating systems
  • Side impact 
  • Rear impact
  • Roof crush resistance


 Finite Element Analysis

We help you determine stresses, strains, deflection, factor of safety, margin of safety, forces, energies etc., by using  linear/non-linear analysis techniques.

  • linear static analysis 
  • Geometric nonlinear analysis
  • Material non linearity (like plasticity, hyper elasticity)
  • Contact non linearity
  • Bolt pretension & Tightness analysis
  • Durability analysis 


Mold Flow Analysis

  • Mold filling grid generation
  • Determine injection pressure
  • Determine clamping force
  • Uniform filling, Cycle time
  • Determine predict weld line locations
  • Identify potential air traps
  • Optimize process conditions
  • Determines high volumetric shrinkage
  • Determine gate freeze time


Dynamic Analysis

Estimation of natural frequencies for simple to complex systems are done by us. We have the expertise in analyzing for various types of loads such as time varying, harmonic and impact.

  • Modal frequency analysis
  • Drop impact - quasi static analysis
  • Drop impact non linear response
  • Time step: modal superposition
  • Time step:direct integration
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Random vibration analysis
  • Transient dynamic analysis
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Modal cyclic symmetry
  • Seismic analysis
  • Bucking analysis


Fatigue Analysis Capability

Fatigue analysis is done for estimation of Alternating stresses, SN curve, Endurance limit, loading factor, mean stress, notch factor. Analysis is done for both LCF/HCF analysis techniques.

Stress Life and Strain life calculations


Design Optimization

Caliber’s team of experienced engineers can assist in optimizing the existing products for cutting costs, space and weight by our innovative solutions.





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