Embedded System Design

An Organization is under pressure to achieve higher levels in hardware design and system development, while reducing the cost, size and complexity. The issue of process innovation has become very significant. At Caliber we provide a next generation level of Embedded Systems to our customers to satisfy the business requirements.


Our Role

Caliber wants to play the pioneer role of promoting this framework across the country to unleash the market potential for research process outsourcing. Its responsibilities include

  • Identify the clusters and individual experts across the country initially with the focus on prototypes and IP development.
  • Identify potential products and IPs.
  • Sensitize through national and regional level seminars for creation of research clusters and registration of individual associates.
  • Promote integrated research activities through the presence inside/near colleges and universities.
  • Guide, monitor and control individuals to create the IPs.
  • Provide the marketing platform for researchers to showcase their own IPs.
  • Interface between customers and associates for the smooth execution of IPs and project deliverables.


Our Expertise

We have the strong expertise in the following areas

  • Embedded Design
    • Functional Specification Preparation
    • Real Time Operating System
    • Device Driver Development
  • Embedded Processor
    • AVR-ATMega Family
    • TI – MSP430 family
    • MICROCHIP-PIC family
    • ARM7 and ARM9 architecture family
  • Embedded Software GUI
    • NET Micro Framework based applications development
    • RDBMs: SQL Server, Access, MySQL
    • Programming languages: C, C#, VB.NET
    • Web: .NET, C#, PHP, XML
  • Interfacing
    • High speed serial RS232, RS485
    • USB
    • PCI (including PLX PCI bridge), ISA, PCMCIA
    • RFID, Nordic RF Link, Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee
    • GSM / GPRS
  • Networking and protocols
    • Ethernet
    • TCP/IP
    • IEEE 802.15.4
    • I2C, SPI


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